Suddenly My Whole World Went Dark!



Miles Of Airspace To Fly In

And He Picked The Two

In Front Of Me



Learn How To Turn Your Hand-Held Garmin

AERA GPS Into A Heads-Up Display

And Avoid This #1 Pilot Trap

I only looked away for a second. Maybe two. Things happen

pretty fast in an airplane.

In seconds, my whole world went dark. They tell me I could have

avoided this incident with a G-Force GPS Mount. But, here’s what nobody is saying:

This new Garmin AERA touch-screen GPS is pretty to look at, fun to play with, technical hip.

But pretty, fun, and hip rob your attention. In the old days of GPS you could, at half-glance, feel around for that familiar button and confirm with a tangible click. In the new age of GPS, inputs are tactile-free and silent. Touch-screen tech makes you look.

And that makes you look away.

When you screw touch-screen technology to a yoke-mount, it bobs and weaves like a free-range chicken. Each time the yoke moves, your GPS moves. It’s never where you saw it, last time you saw it. Without your full attention, you don’t know where your finger is or where it’s been. So is the insidious secret of touch-screen programming: It’s a time-suck. It rearranges your command priorities by making you look.

The G-Force GPS Mount

 manages your cockpit resources
restores your priorities
 returns valuable seconds to your command

Seconds can save you from a whole world of dark.

How valuable is that?

How much of a time-suck?

Let me tell you story. And, to make it sporting, let’s put a game timer on it.


Out in front of me, an ultralight tugs a banner across azure sky. It’s one of those three-wheel jobs, a swamp buggy with go-kart tires. The pilot wears a war surplus leather flying helmet and goggles with huge, time-yellowed lenses. I don’t see him; I’m inside my cockpit, pressing flesh against my Garmin AERA touch-screen GPS. He doesn’t see me. He’s pressing against an iPod.

There Are 3,852,898,020 Miles Of Airspace Below FL180

Why does he pick the two in front of me? Two miles. That banner measures 50-feet, vinyl-coated polyester orange yellow brown flappin in the wind. It says KIKKOMAN. In 36-seconds, that banner will be all over me, like a cheap date.

At 200 Knots, 36 Seconds Looks Like This:


In the time it takes you to read this sentence, I corkscrew through another 2000 feet of azure sky. Impending doom looks like this: 00:00:30


Things happen pretty fast in an airplane. Yet, you can avoid this common pilot trap with

the G-Force GPS Mount; that puts you face-to-face with the #1 rule of flying:

Look Outside

Get your head out of the cockpit. That’s the elementary rule of safe piloting that every GPS accessory ignores. They bury your attention in your lap, bounce it around the cockpit, or banish it to the nether corners of the panel. But bury, bounce and banish suck your attention into the airplane, while mortality rushes at you, only inches away, outside.

Go down the list:

There is the Lap Mount -You strap your GPS around your leg. Staring at your lap/leg is an open invitation to pilot disorientation. Instrument Rating Examiners employ this trick to induce disorientation. With the Lap Mount, you get it for nothin.

The Friction Mount is a beanbag! Your GPS lounges on the console. Wake turbulence abhors loose objects. What’s more disorienting that getting beaned by your Friction Mount?

 Air Gizmo limits your GPS application and performance. Where do you sink a twenty-four inch hole in your instrument panel? Almost always too far away to read, and too wide of angle to see. Lurching across your cockpit, toward a distant AirGizmo, is disorienting.

At last, there is the ubiquitous yoke-mount -Relentless, like a sparring partner, except when it’s blocking your bottom-row instruments. Chasing after your GPS is just plain annoying. Chasing the yoke is disorienting.

Distraction and disorientation is the siren song that beckons you to hitch your shiny New Age high-tech Garmin AERA Touch-Screen GPS to these Old Age, low-tech accessories.

Aviation is still an outdoor sport. The more aware you are of what’s going on outside the airplane, the safer you and your passengers are inside the airplane. The G-Force GPS Mount gets your head outside the cockpit fast. Are you ready to re-take command of your avionics, fly safe, and really impress your passengers? Are you ready to

Turn Your Hand-Held Garmin AERA Touch-Screen GPS

Into A Heads-Up Display

Order your G-Force GPS Mount now


Before this happens to you:


One mile closer, I am not looking out the window. I am finger-skating like Hans Brinker on the cool, slick face of my Garmin AERA Touch-Screen GPS. Look at me, tapping-in the clearance amendment I just got in a hand-off, I’m going to turn to, just as soon as I find the ‘J’-key on my touch-pad.


At 4000 feet, the pilot of that ultralight suspects I am not a gnat splat on his goggle. His eyes bug and his earbuds blow. He flags frantic, squirms in panic, searches down between his legs for his little friend.

“Hmm,” I ponder. “There’s no ‘J’ in QWERTY.” Not to worry. Nothing can hurt me now because I have GPS.

Getting your eyes outside fast has everything to do with where your eyes begin. How about if you begin with a heads-up attitude, right there in your peripheral vision; that’s next to your line of sight? That is your line of flight… Right?

How fast can you get your eyes outside? How about in the twinkle of an eye. No wobble-heading here. You glance at your heads-up display, instantly confirm your flight status, react in a flash, and return to your flight responsibilities.

Conventional GPS mounts drag your eyes into the bowels of the cockpit, those dark shadows beneath the glare shield. From down there, it’s a protracted climb to the outside.

But the G-Force GPS Mount is not conventional. Up top, up above the glareshield and the belt  line, there is that panorama of window glass. That’s where the G-Force Mount and your GPS go. Above the bowels… that’s where your eyes are anyway. Above the shadows. Into the illuminating light

of day…

See the difference G-Force makes in your cockpit

Run mouse over photo

Hey, that’s where you’re supposed to be looking anyway… Right?

Adding GPS to your cockpit doesn’t mean blocking the instruments that are already there. What if you could set your GPS in line with your panel instruments? How easy can you incorporate GPS into your instrument scan, cross-checking your navigation array for accuracy? And safety? That’s how the Pros do it. Could you be a better pilot?

What if you could dock your Garmin AERA Touch-Screen GPS to a rock-solid platform, that stands face to finger against hostile clearance amendments?

How fast can you zip across that silky touch-screen with sure-fingered input guided by reassuring eyesight. Could you tap in a snap?

These are the reasons that make the G-Force GPS Mount the gotta-have companion to your Garmin AERA Touch-Screen GPS.

Are you ready to turn your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display?

Then order your G-Force GPS Mount now


Or look what can happen:


Half a mile apart now. My Garmin AERA touch-screen GPS is still pretty, fun and hip. I’m still fiddling with it. I still haven’t looked outside. But I’m going to, real soon, because it’s in my flight plan.


From a quarter-mile, the pilot of the ultralight grapples around in a canvas sack between his legs, comes up with a pint bottle of soy sauce. Like the banner behind him, the label reads KIKKOMAN brand. He bites off the top, spits it out, takes a swig, spits it out -it’s soy sauce remember- He hurls the bottle at my airplane.

Did I just say my airplane!

I read a review in Private Pilot Magazine that says:

“The G-Force Mount is an excellent addition to the cockpit, and should be looked at by everyone who wishes that GPS was somewhere other than on the yoke”

Maybe, if this GPS was somewhere other, I might see that glass bottle winging toward my distracted face.

In fact, KitPlanes Magazine says:

“It’s the only real solution in planes that don’t even have a yoke. It really does turn your handheld GPS into a heads-up display!”

Whose idea was it to screw this thing to the yoke anyway? Here’s the problem with flight controls: they’re either buried between your legs or buried in your belly. Either place is the wrong place to be looking for GPS. If my head was head-high, I’d see, in peripheral vision, the darkness hurtling toward me outside.

“The G-Force GPS Mount is the best we’ve seen. It works like a charm.”

That’s what Flying Magazine says. It’s clear: the aviation press is charmed with the G-Force GPS Mount.

When was the last time you read a review about a yoke mount?

In the time it takes you to unravel your headset, you can turn your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display. You don’t need a license from the Authority, no permission from the Commission. And no invoice from your AP mechanic. It’s as easy as 1…2…3… And the learning curve is just as short:


Put it where you want it


Press the button


Pull the lever


How simple is that? As simple as sucking soda through a straw. Now, multiply that by the Patent numbers and the G-Force Mount pulls a massive vacuum force that welds it to your window. There it will stay, for legendary years, until you flip the lever you pulled, and peel it away. In the time it takes you to re-ravel your headset, you can remove your GPS and stowe it in the padded safety of your flight bag.

In independent crash-test studies, the G-Force Mount withstands 22Gs of moment inertia without busting loose. That’s like bolting your GPS to the window… without the annoying wind whistle.

This bond is so powerful, it baffles the editors of AOPA Pilot:

“ This over-centering cam action secures the Mount so tight, it is impossible

to remove.”

That’s real important when someone throws a bottle of soy sauce at your windshield.

22Gs + Massive Vacuum FORCE = G-Force Mount

Use this handy formula to remember the name that turns your hand-held Garmin AERA Touch-Screen GPS into a heads-up display.

But the G-Force GPS Mount isn’t just a media darling. Every day, real pilots like you hitch their hand-held GPS to the G-Force Mount. Some of them rave about it.

Frank from Memphis, TN says,

“The G-Force Mount allows me to locate the GPS just above the panel of my Bonanza V-Tail. In effect, it simply builds on top of the radio stack. This makes for terrific cockpit management. And that gets my head out of the cockpit fast.

Effective cockpit management begins with creating information zones. You have your situation awareness zone: the array of gauges. You have a communication zone; that’s the avionics stack. And the control zone: the yoke, pedals, handbrake, et al. If you’ve ever gotten your feet tangled in the wires dangling from your GPS screwed to the yoke, that’s poor cockpit management. Dude! Who parked your GPS in the control zone?

John F of Yardley, PA likes the G-Force Mount’s tenacity:

“Winds: 28G40, and a squall at the end of the runway. We banged our heads twice on the ceiling. But the G-Force Mount and my Garmin didn’t budge.

Imagine that same approach with your two-thousand-dollar GPS nestled into a bean-bag friction mount, sitting on your console.

Bob V, Farmingdale, NY writes:

“In 30+ hours over five months, from sea level to 11,000 feet, in all sorts of temperatures, My G-Force Mount has never fallen off -even in severe turbulence.”

Here’s Harold P, Inver Grove, MN:

“We tried a RAM mount in our Mooney M20F and it would not stay attached more than 20 minutes during flight. Our G-Force Mount has been attached for several of weeks straight without falling off.”

Dale D, Charlottesville, VA:

“It’s been hanging over yonder for nine months now.”

John P, Doylestown, PA:

Two-and-a-half years stuck to the window of my Cardinal RG. I’ve never seen anything like this G-Force Mount.”

That’s because

There Has Never Been Anything Like This G-Force GPS Mount

GPS makers give away GPS mounts for FREE. Just look in the box. It is always a cheap-made afterthought, designed to inspire add-on value to an expensive device; that will distract you, deter you, disorient you. That doesn’t make you a better pilot.

So, how free is that?

For $39.90, you can turn your hand-held touch-screen Garmin AERA GPS into a heads-up display, with the G-Force GPS Mount.


That gets your head out of the cockpit fast.


It organizes your NAV resources.


It streamlines cockpit management.

That makes you a better pilot. That makes you a safer pilot.

Which is the better deal?

Only the G-Force GPS Mount gets your attention outside the cockpit in the wink of an eye, because that’s where aviation happens.

The U.S. Coastguard flies with the G-Force Mount because the coast is out there.

The U.S. Border Patrol flies with the G-Force Mount because the border is out there.

MediVac Operators, Local Law Enforcement, News Services and Publishers fly with the G-Force Mount because there is always two miles out there.

Should you fly with the G-Force GPS Mount?

If you’ve ever heard yourself say:

“With 3,852,898,020 Miles Of Airspace To Fly In,

Why Did He Pick The Two In Front Of Me?”

Order your G-Force GPS Mount now


Or rue this fate:


700 feet from a head-on collision. Like a snoozy groundhog, I poke my head above the glare shield into the warm su… that soy bomb explodes off my prop with a metal-bending BANG! That blows a gale of busted glass and brown juice across my windscreen. YIIKES! I only looked away for a second. Maybe two. Things happen pretty fast in an airplane.


I yank my yoke, roll over, and scissor through the banner. The free half wallpapers across my window barring all visibility except for the cryptic lament I mimic: OMAN.

Suddenly My Whole World Went Dark

Oh Man, is right.

But your story doesn’t have to end like this. When you hitch your Garmin AERA touch-screen GPS to a G-Force Mount, you turn your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display. That gets your eyes outside fast. Aviation is an outdoor sport. That’s where the action is.

Then, your story might tell like this:

Flight prep. You remove your Garmin AERA GPS from the padded snuggle of your flight bag. In three seconds you place your G-Force Mount, press the button, pull the lever and lock your GPS head-high, in finger-tip reach. Analog instruments groan to life while your heads-up display eagerly illustrates your flight plan.

Departure. You triple-check your runway position: DG, GPS, outside visual. You track the course line to your first fix like a bobsled. Your controller notices.

He makes small talk.

En route. You lean into the whirling rose on your heads-up GPS compass, execute a flawless rollout onto your second leg like you’re hooked to a tow truck. Your controller moves to personal banter.

He asks about your family.

Up ahead, you hit your mark like Fred Astaire. Then comes that humbled, glowing honorarium from ATC that is reserved for Presidential pilots and high time industry insiders:

“Cleared Direct,” he sings. “Have a nice flight,” he adds.

It is a glorious day at altitude. And every pilot in three hundred miles knows you are the pro. All this because you turned your hand-held Garmin AERA touch-screen GPS into a heads-up display.

Is this how you want your story to end? Then order your G-Force GPS Mount right now.



Michel DuBil








When you order your G-Force GPS Mount,

You get all necessary mounting hardware and an easy-to-follow guide to turn your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display.

You get a thirty-day guarantee. If you are less than thrilled with your G-Force GPS Mount, return it for a full refund.

You get a lifetime warranty. If your G-Force Mount fails to perform as advertised, return it for a replacement.

Order today. You don’t know when some banner-tow is going to invade your two-mile airspace. It’s never too soon to turn your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display.







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